Your songs, my lyrics

I'm eager to get to know other musicians. There are so many fantastic singers out there – and I'd love to hear them sing my lyrics. If you are an artist and you've written some catchy tunes but you can't find the right words to make your song complete: Just write me! Send me your melodies, your thoughts, your ideas. I'll do my best to give your song the words it deserves ...

All I want in return are some little things (such as mention of my name on your website etc.) which are easily done and do not include any payment! If you are interested, send me an e-mail or contact me on Facebook – I'm looking forward to the songs we'll create together!

You lied to me [with Ravena Frommelt]
Song [MP3] | Lyrics [PDF] | YouTube

So much more [with Ravena Frommelt]
Song [MP3] | Lyrics [PDF] | YouTube