Adaptations (Translations)

Translating songs into a different language (in my case either German or English) is quite a challenge. But it is great fun too! The interesting part is to find the right words and rhymes to make it sound good while still preserving the meaning and feel of the original song. I've been interested in this field of work for several years now, and I've managed to create a few good translations (or adaptations, as I prefer to call them). I'd like to publish some of them here:

Adam Lambert – Whataya want from me
Was du willst von mir [PDF]

Boyzone – When you say nothing at all
Was mir dein Schweigen verspricht [PDF]

Jem – Come on closer
Jetzt und hier [PDF]

Mel C – I turn to you
Ich komm zu dir [PDF]

Mozart! – Dich kennen heißt dich lieben
To know you is to love you (Version 1) [PDF]
To know you is to love you (Version 2) [PDF]

Peter Cornelius – Segel im Wind
Sail in the breeze [PDF]
Boat on the sea [PDF]

Roxette – Listen to your heart
Lausch tief in dein Herz [PDF]

Roxette – You don't understand me
Kannst du's nicht verstehen [PDF]

Westlife – You raise me up
Du gibst mir Kraft (Version 1-3) [PDF]

Wham! – Last Christmas
Weihnåchten [PDF]

If you want me to write an adaption of your own work or your favorite song, feel free to contact me!