About 320 images and some questions

I’ve gone into crazy recruiting mode, asking lots and lots of people online whether they’d be interested in supporting my passion project. I’m used to rejection, so that doesn’t really bug me anymore. I feel like begging for attention though. It kinda feels dirty to ask all those talented people to maybe give away some of their incredible work for free. Of course I could pay for the pictures (and go poor) … just like I could draw or shoot all of them myself. Both of those options would be way quicker, but also way off the point. So I’ll keep asking.

The upside of that is: I’ve seen some truly astonishing artwork over the last few weeks! The Internet is absolutely flooded with talent. So much in fact that most people don’t even notice the amazing contributions to their own field of art. I’ve seen great nude drawings or digital paintings or photographs. And most importantly: I’ve come across a person or two whom I actually enjoy following online. I’ve made new “friends”, you could say. And that’s always a good thing.

I’ve run into some strange problems and questions too …

Someone told me my usage agreement didn’t convince them. Now I can totally understand why they would be skeptical about contracts in general (I mean, who isn’t?), but I can’t see what seems to be the problem with this specific agreement. I paid the lawyer a lot of money for it and I made sure it’s as fair and licensor-friendly as possible. So that’s a disappointing reaction. Most people are just scared away by the prospect of signing a contract in general. I get that. I would probably be the same.

I also had someone sign with a registered pseudonym (which seems to be legally fine) and somebody else who signed the agreement by just typing their name on a computer. I have to do some research there, but I kind of doubt that this “signature” is valid.

A model told me that supporting my book wasn’t “just her decision”. I get that as well.

Some people promised me images a long time ago and then never sent them. The majority of my semi-successful interactions were with individuals who seem to think that commenting a photograph on Facebook is enough to help me out with the publication. I’m grateful for their good intentions, but I’m not going to get into trouble for copyright infringement. I need a signature and an image in a decent resolution.

So where do I stand now?

I’ve gotten some great pictures but I need more diversity. Diversity in artists, art forms and motives. I want more nudity. Sexually explicit content is fine too, as far as I’m concerned. That’s what my poems are about after all. And I don’t mind physical imperfections either. I would love the average Joe and Jane to join in on the fun, not just professional artists and models.

I need more drawings as well.
More haunting depictions of depression.
More abstract patterns or body parts.

So I’ll keep looking. Please keep the good stuff coming. We’re really getting closer …

My project for 2020


Sexually Explicit Content!