Who we are

My name is G. Smith and I live in Vienna, Austria (European Union). 
I am responsible for the content of www.therealgsmith.com
You can send me letters (no parcels though) to

G. Smith
c/o AutorenServices.de
Birkenallee 24
36037 Fulda

This is a private website on which I want to showcase my creative work and thereby maybe get in touch with other creative people. I don’t sell any products or services via this website. 


I created all of the graphics, texts and songs myself, unless stated otherwise (like the background images, which were kindly provided by photographers Sarah Julia Steyskal and Sieh die Welt mit meinen Augen.). You can download my music, writing and images for private use or share them with your friends as long as you name me as the creator (i.e. copyright owner). However, any commercial use is prohibited! Which means: If you wanna make money off my creations, you’ll have to contact me first and we can try to work something out.

Privacy policy

This website doesn’t use cookies. I tried to keep the number of third party plugins and trackers as small as possible. There are no ads, no embedded YouTube videos, no Google Analytics code or any of that annoying crap. I have no interest in your personal data. Some things (target domain, IP, date and time, method, referrer) are being saved for a couple of weeks by united-domains, where I host my website. They tell me that’s a necessity and everything, including backups, gets deleted after about two weeks to two months.

External links

Please keep in mind that I don’t have any influence on some of the pages my hyperlinks lead to. I keep the number of external links low. In fact there are hardly any. By the time I created my links, none of the target pages contained any noticeable illegal, violent or insulting content. If you believe that this has changed, please tell me so. I will remove the hyperlink in question immediately if I find that you are right. Thanks for your understanding!

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