Crooked writing

I’m more or less done designing the first 9 pages. Obviously, they’re not actually gonna be the first 9 pages in the book. But they are going to be 9 pages in the book. I’ve decided to hand-write every single poem and while that already sounded like a lot of work, it turns out to be a hell of a lot more than I expected. My general approach to the book is: Don’t do half-assed. So I’m finding myself not only handwriting and digitalizing the lines, but also correcting all the crookedness of my writing, as well as the spaces in between the single characters. It takes hours to get done. What did I get myself into?? xD

It’s a long way from the image on the left to the one on the right. And I’m just now realizing I have some more work to do on it. Again: Don’t do half-assed.


Sexually Explicit Content!