He’s teaching aerobics all day on the beach
The muscles that I have, his arms double each
The girls flirt like crazy, the women do too
Of course in between them he notices you

He’s dancing with you at the disco tonight
The music gets slower, he’s holding you tight
There’s testosterone in his sweat and his eyes
You’re ready to suck up each one of his lies

I watch from the corner because I don’t dance
I know if I did, I would still have no chance
I’m neither clean-shaven, hispanic or hot
Don’t work at a club or display what I’ve got

The night’s almost over, no sleep is in reach
You’ve left hand in hand to have sex on the beach
I know he takes home someone else every night
I guess you know too, but you deem it alright

When you’re back at home he won’t write you or call
You might send him pictures or nothing at all
Hell, I just don’t know what goes on in your head
But fuck, do I wish you were with me instead


Sexually Explicit Content!