I’ve loved at least five times
And four of them were mine
I, for a while, was fine
Go figure

And though the years went by
I haven’t changed that much
I’m good at talk and touch
Just bigger

I guess it’s not too late
Or so I’m always told
I’m just matured, not old
But bitter

And what I want is all
Commitment, fun and joy
A partner, not a toy
Not glitter

I’ve loved at least five times
The first one was no match
And I was no good catch
But trying

I hated that she drank
And still we made three years
Both caused a lot of tears

The second one was young
But we were both okay
Until she went away
One morning

To find herself and live
And try out different things
And see what else life brings
No warning

The third one had it all
She was, at least to me
As perfect as can be
She woke me

Her family was cruel
They made her pick a side
Four years, a painful ride
It broke me

Then came the weirdest times
With so much sex and pain
Exciting but insane
And longing

I almost died one night
The fourth one on my mind
Love made us cruel and blind
And wronging

She wasn’t mine at first
But we could not resist
Such fire when we kissed
So heated

I realized too late
That nothing made her smile
I went after a while

The fifth was never mine
Which might be for the best
She made each day a test

And while I miss her still
I can accept she’s gone
I’m used to moving on
And waiting


Sexually Explicit Content!