Listen closely, little one
Life’s not always light and bliss
Maybe one day, when I’m gone
You will still remember this:

You’ll have worries and concerns
And it’s good to plan ahead
But when life takes different turns
Don’t be crushed, let go instead

Very often you won’t know
What you really need right now
Life has funny ways to show
You a different truth somehow

Never try to beat the rest
But don’t settle for okay
Always try to be your best
Try again each brand-new day

Be more honest than polite
And be gentle more than strong
Proud but humble when you’re right
And accepting when you’re wrong

Never change who others are
Don’t let them define your views
You will not be getting far
If you aren’t who you choose

And whatever road life takes
Try to bring your friends along
May your “Always” be like Snape’s
And your “Never” just as strong


Sexually Explicit Content!