Website relaunch 2021

And here it is. A new website again. It’s a rather big change this time, even though it might not look like it. I’ve had the Wix website for about a year and a half, and it just wasn’t really working for me. Wix creates weird URLs for all the media you upload. No nice and clean hyperlinks to certain songs or pictures. No nice sub domains. No way for me to access and backup the code of the entire website. And the content management system wasn’t too great either. So I did what I’ve known for a while I will have to do eventually: I hired a professional web designer. 

It seems like I was lucky there. The whole process went very smoothly and I always felt in good hands. The result is surely worth the money I spent on it. Now I have a website with a decent news feed and much better picture albums. It was important to me that there are no cookies and no untrustworthy social media plugins. No more reliance on YouTube. None of the old annoyances. 

The design and structure are quite close to the old website. Visitors should feel right at home. It’s the details that are way nicer now. I’ve also uploaded a lot more content (namely old images I only had on Facebook so far) and am planning on adding to all the different categories in the future. Let’s hope this works out the way I want it to. 


This is what my website has looked like in the past:


The first version from 2009 – hand coded by me

The second version from 2012 – also hand coded by me

The third version from 2019 – designed with Wix


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