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The first 25 pages

The first 25 pages I just finished designing the 25th page for my book. That makes one quarter of the whole thing. Sure, I’ll probably

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Editing art

Editing art The usage agreement allows me to edit the images I receive. Now what does that mean exactly? Rest assured that I have no

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Exhaustion My computer died on me a couple of weeks ago. It was a warranty case and they eventually fixed it for free … but

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Crooked writing

Crooked writing I’m more or less done designing the first 9 pages. Obviously, they’re not actually gonna be the first 9 pages in the book.

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A long list

A long list In the spirit of making this project as transparent as possible, I thought I’d show you the spreadsheet I’m looking at right

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Annoying backlash

Annoying backlash People are all different. I get it. Over the last six months (actually a lot longer, but mostly over the last six months)

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